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About Trigon Capital

Founded in 1994, Trigon Capital offers investors the ability to access opportunities in the Emerging Markets through direct investments into agricultural ventures, real estate, growth businesses, and highly-rated public equity funds and contractual mandates.

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Emerging Agri-Related Opportunities

Trigon Capital leverages its extensive experience launching and running successful, publicly-listed businesses and ventures in the Emerging Markets Agricultural Sector to uncover opportunities in this fast-growing and unique space.

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Emerging Real Estate

Trigon Capital provides on-the-ground presence and research to find and profit from property development projects within the Emerging Markets. We currently manage projects amounting to 1.2 million m² of buildable area in Eastern Europe, Russia, and Ukraine.

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Direct Business Investments

Trigon Capital has a well-established track record of starting and acquiring successful businesses in select Emerging Markets. Examples include the publicly-listed integrated agricultural company Trigon Agri, the publicly-listed wood processing company Skano Group, and the largest gardening retail center in Estonia, Hortes.

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Public Markets Portfolio Investing

Trigon offers funds and contractual mandates leveraging our areas of expertise in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, and the Emerging Markets Financial Sector. Our New Europe Fund holds Morningstar 5 Star ratings and ranks at the absolute top of its peer group based on long-term performance.

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