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The world will experience massive economic shifts over the next several decades. As a forward-thinking investor you are aware of this. The challenge is to determine how to capitalize on this knowledge. Below are five related transformations that are occurring, transformations that drive our thematic investing approach and the "Trigon View”.

The Fight for Natural Resources

For certain key resources, costs are rising and availability is diminishing. What countries and companies are best positioned for this change?

The Rise of the Global Middle Class

today, 28% of the world population spends between 10-100 USD daily, defined by the World Bank as „Global Middle class". By 2030, 66%, or 5 billion people, are expected to reach this milestone. How can you benefit from this trend?

Global Convergence with the West

This will be largely asymmetrical. What developing countries and industries will achieve the highest degree of acceleration toward convergence?

The Need for Sustainability

Intimately tied-in with the increasing demand for diminishing resources, how can an investor do the right thing and have it also be the profitable thing when investing sustainably?

The Demand for Food

The world’s available food supply is struggling to keep up with demand,a natural result of rising populations and the burgeoning global middle class. What are the best ways to invest in the Agricultural sector, given its unique challenges and opportunities?

We address the answers to these investment questions for our clients through focused key themes. These represent our high-conviction macro views. Using this foundation, we narrow down potential locations and sectors applying our bottom-up research to identify specific investment cases. Investors can access these cases directly through companies and projects we manage or through publicly listed portfolios (funds and mandates) we run.

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