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Emerging Agri-Related Opportunities

Trigon Capital offers agricultural sector investment opportunities based on investment themes in the developing world, and has extensive experience in this sector. Smart investments into agriculture will result in some of the great investing success stories of the 21st century.

The Global Agri-sector Megatrend

The world population is increasing and the amount of food being produced globally has been struggling to keep up with demand. The Agricultural sector is facing long-run supply constraints as arable land has declined globally over the last several decades.

The harvest yields in the Western world have now peaked, and have shown no notable increase over the last years. This means that the majority of the future increased world output will have to come from higher yields in Emerging Markets.

Today, 28% of the world population spends between 10-100 USD daily in purchasing power parity terms, defined by the World Bank as „Global Middle class." By 2030, 66% (i.e. 5 billion people) are expected to reach this milestone.

Increasing income favours dietary pattern change, allowing people to spend more on food items.

The world’s food demand is expected to increase a further 70% by 2050 (FAO).

Trigon Capital is well positioned in select Emerging Markets to take advantage of opportunities across the entire agricultural value chain.