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All Trigon funds’ units are capital growth units; hence, there are no dividend pay-outs. Trigon and funds do not withhold any taxes on gains earned from funds’ units. Declaring gains is an obligation of a unit-holder. The tax system applicable to the unit-holders may depend on the unit-holder’s residence, legal set-up or other circumstances. The unit-holder is advised to consult with a tax advisor.

Trigon funds can be purchased in Finland through eQ Bank and other Finnish institutions.

eQ Bank:

Trigon funds' special units nominated in euro can be purchased through eQ Bank:
  • eQ Itä-Eurooppa (Trigon New Europe Fund)
  • eQ Baltia (Trigon Baltic Fund)
  • eQ Russian Top Picks (Trigon Russia Top Picks Fund)

To purchase, please visit www.eq.fi

Other Finnish financial institutions:

For instructions on how to purchase fund units through other Finnish financial institutions, please contact us at: funds@trigoncapital.com.