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All Trigon funds’ units are capital growth units; hence, there are no dividend pay-outs. Trigon and funds do not withhold any taxes on gains earned from funds’ units. Declaring gains is an obligation of a unit-holder. The tax system applicable to the unit-holders may depend on the unit-holder’s residence, legal set-up or other circumstances. The unit-holder is advised to consult with a tax advisor.

Trigon funds can be purchased in Finland through eQ Bank and other Finnish institutions.

eQ Bank:

Trigon funds' special units nominated in euro can be purchased through eQ Bank:
  • eQ Itä-Eurooppa (Trigon New Europe Fund)
  • eQ Baltia (Trigon Baltic Fund)
  • eQ Russian Top Picks (Trigon Russia Top Picks Fund)
  • eQ Emerging Financials (Trigon Emerging Financials Fund)

To purchase, please visit www.eq.fi

Other Finnish financial institutions:

For instructions on how to purchase fund units through other Finnish financial institutions, please contact us at: invest@trigoncapital.com.

In order to place a subscription order, please do the following:

Send an order by e-mail to invest@trigoncapital.comor fax: +(372) 667 9221 with the following details:

  • your name and contact details
  • the name and unit of the fund you want to buy/sell
  • the amount in EUR or the number of units you want to buy/sell
  • name of your bank
  • method of the trade confirmation – by e-mail or facsimile

Trigon will send you a trade confirmation. Trigon fund units are registered in electronic format. Units are settled as Delivery Versus Payment (DVP) security transactions. Investors can trade fund units daily with usual settlement at trade execution date plus three banking days. Please take the trade confirmation to your bank for settlement the next business day at the latest.

Should you or the bank's representatives have any questions, please contact:

Martin Hoolma - Business Development Manager

Phone: +(372) 667 9229 
Email: m.hoolma@trigoncapital.com