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Trigon New Europe Fund

Investment region: New European Union countries and accession countries, with special focus on Poland, Czech Republic, and Hungary.

Long-only equity fund that follows a systematic value approach and invests in limited number of carefully selected companies.

The Fund does not follow any particular index.

Focus: value companies; companies that offer high dividend yields and/or are undervalued in the market when compared to the value of their assets. These are typically companies with strong balance sheets, mostly in the defensive sectors of the market.

Goal: to yield consistent, better-than-market, long-term returns while keeping the volatility of the Fund lower than average market volatility.

The Fund holds approximately 30 different securities that the Fund Manager sees as offering the best value in the target markets.

Investments are based on a beneficial risk-return relationship and thorough analysis of the individual companies that considers the fundamental value of the company against the current market price.

Trigon New Europe Fund has been awarded with several Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Awards for being the Best Emerging Europe Equity Fund over 3 and 5 years. Please click on the logos below to see the Award Certificates: 

Past performance is not guarantee of future results of the fund. The unit price of the fund and income there from can go down as well as up. Investors may not get back the full amount invested. The risk factors are described in further detail in the prospectus of the fund.

Unit A
NAV 21.6259
Investor sells 21.3015
Net assets (mio) 120.68
Prices in EUR.
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Graph is generated from A-unit data.  
1 day -0.06%
YTD 23.16%
1 month 4.82%
3 months 10.91%
6 months 19.16%
1 year 37.22%
2 years 31.22%
3 years 34.37%
4 years 62.64%
5 years 92.37%
Since Launch 238.37%
Unit C
NAV 34.3153
Investor buys 35.0016
Investor sells 33.8006
Prices in EUR.
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1 day -0.06%
YTD 22.81%
1 month 4.77%
3 months 10.77%
6 months 18.86%
1 year 36.53%
2 years 29.9%
3 years 32.34%
4 years 59.33%
5 years 87.5%
Since Launch 243.15%
eQ unit
NAV 21.8047
Prices in EUR.
Updated as at 20-Jul-2017.
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1 day -0.05%
YTD 21.47%
1 month 4.24%
3 months 9.41%
6 months 17.51%
1 year 35.49%
2 years 29.9%
3 years 33.35%
4 years 61.83%
5 years 91.9%
Since Launch 118.05%