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About us: Trigon Capital's Property Division

Active since the mid 90-s, Trigon Capital is an opportunity-driven property investor and investment manager with an interest in both the residential and commercial real estate markets. During almost 20 years of active investing in the property sector we have held controlling stakes in some of the leading property companies in the Baltics (Reval Hotel Group, EMV and Koger & Sumberg), developed homes in Estonia, Russia and Croatia, and delivered the Estonian government a land solution for the construction of the new Tallinn prison.

We focus on the emerging markets, and have thus far invested in Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, and Croatia. These are markets in which the Trigon Group has local presence, experience, and expertise.

We believe that these property markets, although having experienced higher volatility in comparison to traditional western markets, offer attractive risk-adjusted returns. The above-average returns are primarily driven by higher long run economic growth, lower debt levels, and a deficit of modern premises.

Our investors are high net worth individuals, pension funds, and other institutional investors. We also work with a select group of strategic property investors in carrying out local investment mandates. Our management model relies on co-investing with our investors.