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Entrepreneurial Investment Managers

Investment Approach

At Trigon Capital, we believe that select markets within emerging Europe will develop at an accelerated pace. According to this conviction, we have positioned ourselves to take the lead in accessing opportunities within these markets. Whilst we are open to investment offers from the market, the bulk of our investment strategies have been developed internally.

Trigon Capital applies its vision regarding the future of the particular markets in which it invests to identifying the most promising projects. Often, the best returns are achieved by daring to take strong, independent views.

Some of the key strategies involve:

Strategic land banking

Trigon has experience in accumulating land, rezoning land, and obtaining construction rights for its projects. Example projects include Gate Tallinn (Estonia), Luka Luxury Resort (Croatia), Tosno Industrial Park (Russia), and Kharkov New City (Ukraine).

Property development

Example projects include Merivälja Townhouses (Estonia), Valkeasaari residences (Russia), Rogoznica Holiday Apartments (Croatia).

Yielding properties

Estonia offers exceptional opportunities for yielding property investment. It is a country that has emerged from a sharp contraction in 2008 and 2009, the economy is today one of the strongest in Europe. Today, Estonia is again showing strong growth, and has the lowest public sector debt ratios in the EU and a rapidly deleveraging private sector. Despite this, the property market is still strongly undervalued, having some of the highest property yields and lowest rent levels in Europe.