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Entrepreneurial Investment Managers

About Trigon Capital

Who we are:

Since 1994, Trigon Capital has offered investors the opportunity to access returns alongside us as we invest in the Emerging Markets. Entirely owned by well-known Scandinavian business leaders, Trigon Capital has established itself as a premier partner for investors from around the globe. We have intimate, on-the-ground knowledge of the Emerging Markets space, and are able to leverage this expertise to provide our clients with a competitive edge.

What we do:

As entrepreneurial investment managers, Trigon offers direct investments into growth businesses, real estate, and agricultural ventures within the Emerging Markets, as well as public markets portfolio investments. We take a hands-on, direct management approach to business startups and takeovers, taking control positions (not minority stakes) and providing world-class management and corporate governance standards, including strict adherence to socially responsible investing (SRI) guidelines. For investors worried about future inflation, many of our opportunities involve real assets offering inherent protection against a strongly inflationary environment.

Why we use this model:

Focusing on a core niche where we add real value, rather than a broad approach, has proven valuable to our clients and partners over the long-term. Well managed, fast growing, small and mid-sized Emerging Markets companies that have the ability to grow into market leaders in sectors likely to outperform represent some of the best opportunities for investors going forward. Our approach is designed to access these types of investments, providing access to opportunities while minimizing the transparency and management risks that are a common concern in fast-growing parts of the world.